2022-2023 School Year Bus Routes

Please remember that the bus stop times listed are a best estimated time of arrival.  The bus could arrive a little earlier or later then the schedule dictates.  Once the routine settles in, the times will become more accurate. Therefore, for the first week of school we ask that you please have your child(ren) at the bus stop a little earlier than what is posted and please have patience if the bus arrives a bit later than the posted time as well.

Please review the list, as there have been some changes to the routes and the buses for the 2022-2023 school year:

2022-2023 Elementary Center Bus Information (CLICK HERE)

2022-2023 Jr/Sr High School Bus Information (CLICK HERE)

Alternate Bus Stop Application:  

The Lackawanna Trail School District has established transportation guidelines for students who travel to and from school via a school bus or private transportation.  These guidelines stipulate that students are allowed one designated pick-up location and one designated drop-off location.  These locations do not have to be the same. Students are also allowed to travel on one bus to school and a different bus home. Example: If a student arrives to school on Bus #5, they are allowed to take another bus home.    If the student uses the district private transportation, a student could be picked up from one address point and dropped off to a different address point. Example: A student can be picked up at mom’s house and dropped off at an aunt’s house.   However, in both cases, this must be consistent on a daily basis.

In order for a student to be approved for separate pick-up and drop-off locations, parent/guardian must complete the Alternate Bus Stop Application.  Upon receipt of this application, the request will be reviewed by the building principal and the Director of Transportation.   If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office.

Thomas Schofield
Transportation Director

Heather Stage
Transportation Assistant
570-945-5184 ext 3002