Mary Belle Gilroy

Hi! I’m Mrs. Gilroy and I started making art in Lackawanna Trail classrooms in 1973….but I’ve been teaching how to make art in Lackawanna Trail classrooms since 1997. I’ve been making art and teaching art for a long time. Upon graduating from Trail, I began my quest to become an art teacher at Keystone College. I continued on to receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Teaching Certification from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. I received a Master of Education degree from Chestnut Hill College, and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Marywood University. In this digital age, I believe it is ever more important for students to manipulate art materials, get their hands dirty, and engage in the art-making process! Such endeavors enhance the eye-hand-brain connection and enable students to become divergent thinkers and creative problem solvers.