August 2023

The Lackawanna Trail School District Board of Directors has joined more than 450 school districts in adopting a resolution calling upon the General Assembly to meaningfully reform the existing flawed charter school funding system to ensure that school districts and taxpayers are no longer overpaying or reimbursing charter schools for costs they do not have.

Charter School Reform Board Resolution

Superintendent Evaluation 2022-2023

The Lackawanna Trail School District Board of Directors evaluated Superintendent Matthew Rakauskas on August 30, 2023 based on mutually agreed upon Objective Performance Standards.   These Objective Performance Standards include:

  1. Developing and Implementing Shared Vision, Goals and Annual Measurable Objectives
  2. Student Growth and Achievement 
  3. Governance and Administration 
  4. Effective Management:  District Operations
  5. Effective Management: Personnel

The Objective Performance Standards were met, and based upon these standards, the Superintendent’s rating for the 2022-2023 academic year is proficient.