Dear Lackawanna Trail Community,

I would like to share a few concepts from our Comprehensive Plan which will guide us over the next three years.  It has been a very successful beginning to the new academic year, and focusing on our three-year plan not only helps us realize long term perspective, but sets short term incremental benchmarks which ultimately benefit our students.

The Mission of the Lackawanna Trail School District, which is the cornerstone of our Comprehensive Plan, in collaboration with our community, is to establish and support a safe and enriching learning environment where all students develop to their fullest potential.   Our curricular and extracurricular programs promote a culture of inclusion, diversity, open-mindedness, and mutual respect for each other’s ideas and backgrounds. Our students are empowered to develop into productive, responsible, respectful, civic-minded, critical thinking members of a global community who possess the skills to excel in a changing and interconnected world.  I’m confident that our Comprehensive Plan, if implemented collaboratively, will move us toward achieving our mission.

The Lackawanna Trail Comprehensive Plan establishes three priorities; Academic Achievement in Math and English, expansion of our School Wide Positive Behavior Support program, and School Safety.  Individually and collectively, these priorities position our district for success.

At the November 14th Regular Meeting of the Board of Education, the administration presented a slide show for the public which outlined the mission, vision and goals for our Comprehensive Plan.  In addition, Mrs. Kuchak, our Director of Curriculum and Resources, overviewed the development of our new Curriculum page.  To view the slide slow Click Here, or to access the Curriculum page Click Here.


Matthew Rakauskas