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Where did the “Trail” take you?

Yogi Roth

What year did you graduate from the Lackawanna Trail High School?

answer: I graduated in 2000.


Did you attend any schooling after you left Trail?

answer: I went to the University of Pittsburgh for my undergraduate degree and the University of Southern California for my master’s degree.


What are you doing now?

answer: I am a father, husband and I am competing to tell as many stories as possible on various platforms: Broadcasting college football on tv, hosting documentary series on tv/digital, writing books and directing films.


How has a Trail education helped prepare you for where you are now?

answer: The connective tissue that Dalton provided with my three childhood friends allowed me to use sports and the small community of Lackawanna Trail to give life to my dreams. Every way I turned I felt like anything was possible and that my potential was boundless and endless. I’ve stayed connected to the coaches and teammates who competed with me and challenged me to tap into my inner reservoir and my classmates who seemingly always had each others backs.