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November’s Featured Alum

Lauren McNamara

Lackawanna Trail Class of 1998  

Lauren credits her Lackawanna Trail education for instilling the love of learning in her, and describes herself as a life-long learner.  After graduating from Lackawanna Trail, Lauren attended Penn State University and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business.  She then continued her education at Keystone College and received teaching certification in Early Childhood Education and Special Education Certification from Drexel University.  Next she will be graduating in December from East Stroudsburg University with a Master’s of Reading.  

Lauren is currently a reading interventionist at Mid Valley Elementary Center and has worked in this role for the past 4 years.   Lauren tells us she loves teaching children how to read, and this drove her decision to continue her education as a reading specialist. 

When asked how her Lackawanna Trail education impacted her family or her personal life, Lauren answered, “I love the Lackawanna Trail community and the way the district places an emphasis on the importance of teaching the whole child. This knowledge is what drove our decision, as a family, to come back to the community and enroll our children in the district. I now have three children in the district and see how much they grow and learn each year and I know that our decision was a sound one.”


Lauren would like to note the lasting impact all of her teachers at Lackawanna Trail left on her, but in particular says Nancy Brown was one she will always cherish. “The classes I had with Mrs. Brown kept me engaged and wanting to learn more each day.  Mrs. Brown’s AP English course challenged me and deepened my love of reading.”

Thank you, Lauren McNamara for being someone the Lackawanna Trail community and LT Class of 1998 can celebrate.