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January 2022

~Elizabeth Rodenbach~

Lackawanna Trail Class of 2017

~ University of Delaware Class of 2021 ~ Geological Sciences Major, B.S. ~

Elizabeth Rodenbach is a 2017 graduate of Lackawanna Trail School District.  From her time as a student at Trail, Elizabeth says, “I will always cherish the small community of the school. All of my memories revolve around the opportunities I had to build personal connections with teachers, as well as the great friendships that were made.”   She feels her Trail education helped prepare her for where she is now by providing her with opportunities to grow into a well-rounded individual.  “I was able to develop stronger social skills through the various extracurricular activities offered, as well as enhance my time management and leadership skills from teachers. Not many small schools offer the level of support that Trail does, which is what makes it a great community, and is why I’ll always be proud to have been a student there.”

After graduation, Elizabeth attended the University of Delaware, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Geological Sciences.  She will soon be returning to the University of Delaware to pursue a Master’s Degree in Geology as well as a Master’s Certification in Wind Power.

Today Elizabeth lives in New Jersey and works as a geologist for Golder, an environmental consulting company.  Her sector, Environmental Investigation and Remediation, works to improve the environmental conditions of SuperFund sites.  These are polluted locations requiring a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminations.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuing to make your Lackawanna Trail family proud!