As we start each new school year I ask that you please make sure all paperwork is handed in to the Nurse’s office during the first week of school. If you need copies of any forms, they can be found on this webpage.

We do have some students who are still in need of exams and vaccinations ( I will contact you personally). If you need help financially with doctor’s visits, please contact me as their services available.

Dear Parent/Guardians,
Enclosed in this packet is the health information related to grades 7 through 12. Please read this information carefully and fill out the required forms. We ask that the completed forms be returned to the school at the start of the new year in September.

General information
Your child’s report of all screenings completed within the school will be sent home. If you do NOT want screening information sent home, please notify the nurse. If you do NOT want the school physician/dentist to examine your child, please notify the nurse.

State Requirements
Grade 7: Dental*, Scoliosis*, Hearing, Body Mass Index (BMI), Height
Weight & Vision. *Tdap and MVC4 vaccines for start of school
Grade 8: BMI, Height, Weight & Vision.
Grade 9: BMI, Height, Weight & Vision.
Grade 10: BMI, Height, Weight & Vision.
Grade 11: BMI, Height, Weight & Vision, Hearing & Physical* 2nd Meningitis
Grade 12: BMI, Height, Weight & Vision Proof of 2nd Meningitis

** Dental, Scoliosis, and Physical exams may be performed by your private physician, if desired. Students who choose to have screenings done by their physician have until November 1, 2022 to return the completed forms to the nurse’s office. If the appropriate forms are not received by that date, the student will be screened by the school’s dentist and/or physician (unless otherwise noted). Forms can be downloaded from the school’s website: https://www.ltsd.org/Page/672

Thank You,
Laura Evans, RN, CSN
570-945-5181 x 3207

Immunization Changes (must provide proof prior to day 1 of new school year):

Entering 7th grade:
Meningitis (MCV4)

Entering 11th grade
Meningitis #2