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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors - Elementary K-6 and Psychology Masters - Classroom Technology Elementary K-6 Certification

Mr. Yanniello

Welcome to my website! My name is Mr. John Yanniello, and I've been teaching at Lackawanna Trail Elementary School since 2008. I received my B.S. in Elementary Education & Psychology and my Master's Degree in Classroom Technology from Wilkes University. Since 2008 , I have coached the Boys' Junior High Basketball Team at LT. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, exercising, and watching sports. Our Fourth Grade Team is looking forward to another great year working with the students at Lackawanna Trail. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

Khan Academy Class Updates : Please read below for directions on how to join the class.

If anyone is getting their updates from this page let me know by sending me an email to From this point all updates will take place on my Google Classroom Page. Thank You

4/27 Packet Pages -4/27 Khan Academy
- Quadrilateral Review Article - 10 minutes
- Classifying Triangles , Classifying Geometric Shapes - Quiz - 5 questions

4/27 to 5/1 Math Lessons and Answer Key. Packet available for pickup at the school. (Please Read below)

Phase II Math - We will continue with what we have been doing for Mathematics during phase II. New material will start on May 4th. Any new material will have videos accompanying the work. Videos will be posted to my Google Classroom Page. Each packet will contain 5 days worth of lesson plans. After completion of packet pages
please try to do ONE of the following:
1. Drop off packet work at the school
2. Upload to the google classroom page
3. Take a picture of the cover page showing assignments completed with a check-mark and send a picture via text message or upload to the google classroom.
I will also continue to post Khan Academy Assignments on a daily basis. Students can spend their time on Khan Academy, Packet Pages, or a combination of both.
I understand not all students will be able to complete all 3 assignments daily. All I ask is that you do your best. Place a check-mark next to every assignment you were able to complete.
My Google Classroom Code is 4pzf5zx
If any student needs help with work, they can email, text, or call me at 570-510-5374. Please leave a message and I will call or face-time you when I become available.

answer key 4-27 to 5-1

lessons 4/27 to 5/1

4/24 Packet Pages
Instead of Khan Academy let's get into a math game for Friday. I've attached several suggestions....
PEMDAS if you choose to play High Stakes Heist or Math Man

There are lots of other Game sites if you scroll down a bit on the classroom page.

4/23 Packet Pages
4/23 Khan Academy
- Classifying Geometric Shapes
- 1 exercises - 7 questions
- 3 videos - 10 minutes

4/22 Packet Pages
4/22 Khan Academy
- Classifying Triangle by side length
- 2 exercises - 8 questions
- 2 videos - 7 minutes

4/21 Packet Pages
4/21 Khan Academy

- Classifying Triangle
- 1 exercise - 4 questions
- 1 video - 6 minutes
- 1 article - 5 minutes
****The next 4th grade math packet is available to be picked up at the school for lessons 4/22 through 4/27.****

4/20 Packet Pages
4/20 Khan Academy
- Drawing Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
- 2 exercises - 9 questions
- 1 videos - 2 minutes
- 1 article - 5 minutes

Week 3 Khan Academy Skills Leaders:
Top 5 skills leveled up :
1. Vader201
2. GZapper
3. brundages
4. rakauskasmar
5. coolCARTERe14

Top 5 Total Learning Minutes :
1. Vader201
2. SpygirlEE
3. keekee29
4. cidthekid22
5. rakauskasmar
GZapper, DragonEggless, Alexander Austin

****VADER201 Taking home the # 1 spot in both categories....WOOT WOOT!!!***

- Keep up the good work everyone! I re-posted some math game websites from earlier in the year. Check them out if you're bored.

4/17 Packet Pages
4/17 Khan Academy
- Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
- 1 exercise - 7 questions
- 2 videos - 5 minutes

4/16 Packet Pages
4/16 Khan Academy
- Drawing Acute, right, and obtuse angles
- 1 exercise - 5 questions
- 2 videos - 4 minutes
- 1 quiz - 5 questions

4/15 Packet Pages
4/15 Khan Academy
- Acute, right, and obtuse angles
- 1 article - 5 minutes
- 2 videos - 7 minutes
- 1 exercise - 4 questions

Good Morning! Hope you all had a nice break.
4/14 Packet Pages
4/14 Khan Academy
- Introduction to Angles
- 1 article - 5 minutes
- 2 videos - 7 minutes
- 2 exercises - 8 questions

Enjoy Your Spring Break Everyone. Khan assignments and packet pages will be posted again on 4/14.

Week 2 Khan Academy Skills Leaders:
Top 5 skills leveled up :
1. Timnay11
2. coolCARTERe14
3. DragonEggless
4. JamisonPencek
5. jonesda
6. staffaronig
wrighta, MadalynW565, SRB42010, brundages

Top 5 Total Learning Minutes :
1. DragonEggless
2. Alexander Austin
3. staffaronig
4. jonesda
5. wrighta
brundages, MadalynW565, rakauskasmar, SpygirlEE, keekee29, GZapper
HayAlexB, oneilb, amandan0628, dmc121983, redsox711, Vader201
Rylee Laubach

Keep up the good work everyone!!!! DragonEggless, the succulent you got me has really taken off since I brought it home!😁



4/9 Packet Pages
4/9 Khan Academy
- Types of Plane Figures
- 2 videos - 15 minutes
- 1 exercise - 7 questions
- 1 article - 5 minutes

4/8 Packet Pages
4/8 Khan Academy
- Equivalent Fractions and Comparing Fractions Unit Assessment.
- 1 exercise - 9 questions
- Remember this is not a graded assignment. Everything is for review and enrichment. You
can use this to check your progress.

4/7 Assignments- 4/7 Packet Pages
Khan Academy - Comparing Fractions with Unlike Denominators
- 3 exercises - 16 questions
- 2 videos - 9 minutes

The math at home packets for days 4/6 through 4/21 can now be picked up at the school between 9 and 1pm , Monday through Thursday

Monday 4/6 Assignments: Lessons 4/6 to 4/21 and Khan Academy Lesson 4/6

This packet is 10 days worth of lessons to be used from 4/6 to 4/21. For those who would rather hard copies, there are hard copies of the packet available to be picked up at the elementary school at a date and time to be determined. You will most likely receive a REMIND text when packets can be picked up. I will also send an email, and post to the the google classroom, updates on packet pickup.

Lessons 4/6 to 4/21

3 videos - 6 minutes
1 review article - 5 minutes
1 exercise - 7 questions -

My hope is to give students anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of work each day to complete. Students can spend that time on Khan academy, packet work, or a combination of both.

Week 1 Khan Academy Skills Leaders:
Top 5 skills leveled up :
4.Stella Minick

Top 5 Total Learning Minutes :
5.Stella Minick

Friday 4/3 Assignment - See how far you can get in the TreeFrog Treasure game on ABCYA! Farthest I've seen any student get in class was the beginning of World 3. If anyone should beat the game, let me know what happens!

You could also use the day to catch-up on assignments if you've just entered the class. Have Fun and enjoy your Friday!!

TreeFrog Treasure

Thursday 4/2 Assignments - Common Denominators ( will make assignments available on Khan Academy tonight for completion tomorrow)
3 videos totaling 16 minutes
1 article with practice problems - 10 minutes
1 exercise and 1 quiz totaling 10 questions - The quiz is not graded. It just lets me know that you are completing assignments to the best of your abilities.

Keep up the good work! Top 3 students who have leveled up the Most Skills.  pazvh2009 - 57 skills      HayAlexB - 45 Skills     "STELLAR" Minick - 40 skills
Remember you can always do more videos, practices, and skills than what I assign. A good place to start, if you want to learn something new, would be MULTIPLYING FRACTIONS. The next concept we are going to learn when we return to class is multiplying fractions.

Now that teachers can get into the school on certain days, I will be creating new packets like the " At Home" packet with lessons for each day. Each packet will contain 5 or 10 days worth of lesson plans. I will also continue to post Khan academy assignments on a daily basis. My hope is to give students anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes of work each day to complete. They can spend that time on Khan academy, packet work, or a combination of both.
If any student needs help with work , they can email, text, or call me at 570-510-5374. If I don't answer please leave a message, and I will call you back. 2 PEACE OUT MAD WOODWARD!

Wednesday 4/1 Assignments - Equivalent Fractions and Comparing Fractions:
Shouts today for the kids who had the most total learning minutes over the last 2 days. They are cidthekid22, HayAlexB, MadalynW565, oneilk8, pazvh2009, rakauskasmar, and Vader201. I wish I knew your true identities, but all I have to work with are these CRAZY user names you came up with! For example who would have known that HayAlexB is really Bluhm of Hayden!!
There is no pressure to complete all of the assignments especially if you missed a day, or if you just joined the classroom. Try to complete 1 days worth of assignments and go from there. If you want to complete more you can. Have to add another shout out to DragonEggless who has been under the guise of several different names on Khan academy. When I added up the total minutes from all of her secret identities, she too belongs in the top 5 for Total Learning Minutes!!! 

3/31 Review of Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions . - Everyone did a great job that entered the class and completed some of the assignments. If you weren't able to complete them all today, come back tomorrow to try to catch up. Remember these lessons are not graded. They are only for review and enrichment. Special shout outs going to these kids who completed every assignment on Day 1 : AmandaN0628, LTrue1, Rakauskasmar, Sff, and Xeni15. Keep up the good work everyone!  

3/30  Great Job students and parents getting logged on to the Khan Academy classroom! While completing any lesson or assignment in 4th grade math is beneficial, I would like all students to try to complete the assignments that I assigned to you FIRST. After those are completed, you can explore and do other lessons of your choosing. There is an assignment tab on the left hand side to bring them up. The assignments are where we left off in our 4th grade curriculum and where we will be going next , so they will THE MOST BENEFICIAL for you to complete, Especially if you have aspirations of receiving a MATH WHIZ pencil one day. I will post the assignments for tomorrow later on tonight. Great job with the work today everyone!

Hello all ! I miss everyone and can't wait to get back to school! Hopefully you're enjoying your time off, staying safe, and completing your school work. Since you can only watch Frozen 2 so many times, I thought we could review adding and subtracting fractions on Monday , 3/30. Moving forward,  I have created a khan academy class for review and enrichment. Please join the class by copy/pasting this into your web browser 

Then enter the class code where it tells you to : GZVRZZGN

After you join the class by putting in the code, I will need to accept you, and then your assignments should be available to complete.

Leave me a message or an email letting me know how you did adding the class, and how long it took to complete the assignments. The assignments can be found on khan academy home page by clicking " assignments" on the left hand side. More assignments will be posted throughout the week for review, so make sure you check back.

**SCHOOL CLOSING - AT HOME MATH PACKET**- "All of the academic work provided for the students in The Lackawanna Trail School District during the current mandatory closing is for review and reinforcement only.  None of the work will be graded

- The At home math packet can be found by clicking " 4th grade files" on the left hand side bar. Next find " School Closing - At Home Math Packet" and click on it. There are 10 days of math lessons to stay sharp for when classes resume.  


Homework can be found on the left hand side by clicking," HOMEWORK".  

Please accept the invite to my google classroom page. Once accepted, you can click the link below to find many fun and interesting websites and games.

Google Classroom Page ( must be signed in to students username to enter )

class code is - 4pzf5zx

There are also some fun websites on the " Interesting Web Resources" link to the left

Class materials can be found on the left hand side by clicking, "4th Grade Files".


This is the MMS site for parents/guardians to check on grades:



This is the MyMath website where you can bring our math book up online:

MyMath Text Book