• From the Office of Matthew Rakauskas, Superintendent of School

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    October 10, 2018



    Attention Parents of Lackawanna Trail School District:


    We are sending you this health alert to inform you that we have identified possible cases of Hand Foot and Mouth disease in our schools. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is a common viral illness that frequently occurs in the late summer, early fall season. Please refer to the link below (copy and paste in your browser) for the most recently published fact sheet regarding Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. We have also posted a fact sheet from the Pennsylvania Department of Health with useful information on our district website.

    Please do not hesitate to contact your school nurse with any questions or concerns.



     Pa Dept of Health

    Matthew Rakauskas



    As we all know, Northeast Pa weather can be unpredicatable. Our weather related dismissals and delays are designed to keep the school days on track and keep our drivers and students safe when traveling to and from school. In addition to the two hour delays, early dismissals and  cancellations, we are going to also use an option of a three hour delay. The building principals will be able to clarify their schedules on three hour delay days more in depth.
    Goals 2018-2019
    The Lackawanna Trail Board of Education approved the annual goals of Superintendent Matthew Rakauskas during the regular board meeting held on August 13th, 2018. His goals, which are based on Student Growth and Achievement, Organizational Leadership, District Operations and Financial Management, Communication and Community Relations, Human Resource Management, and Professionalism, were finalized after several discussions between the Board of Education and Mr. Rakauskas.
    Mr. Rakauskas'evaluation for the 2018-2019 academic year, as per his contract, will be based how well he carries out these goals.

     Mr. Rakauskas