Public Meetings of the Lackawanna Trail Board of Education:

The next scheduled School Board Meeting is a Work Session on Monday, January 9, 2023 in the board room at 7:30 pm with virtual option.  The meeting agenda and virtual link will be posted here on Friday prior to the meeting.

Policies on the Agenda:

Policies for Second Reading:

217 Graduation

240 Athletic Awards

800 Records Management

Note on Virtual Attendance:

The public will have the ability to participate in the discussion if you are virtually attending the meeting, but you will not have the ability to use the chat box to do so.  Public participation will occur only through a verbal question with those wishing to speak having the ability to address the board as if you were at the podium.  For documentation purposes, please clearly state your first and last name when you address the board with your comments and/or questions.



Academic, Personnel, Curriculum, Activity and Administrative Review Committee Meeting  4.22.2022


Board Meeting October 10, 2022