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What year did you graduate from Lackawanna Trail HS?
I graduated from Lackawanna Trail in 2010.

Did you attend any school after leaving Trail?
After graduating from Lackawanna Trail, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Education degree from West Chester University with a major in Mathematics and Professional Secondary Education. I earned my Masters Degree in Education from Wilkes University in 2016. I’m currently working towards a STEM Endorsement from Wilkes University.
What are you doing now?
I taught high school mathematics for 7 years at Mountain View School District. I’m excited to be returning to Lackawanna Trail this year to teach. Outside of teaching, I love spending time with my family and friends.
How has a Trail education helped prepare you for where you are now?

My education and teachers at Trail are the reason why I became an educator. The small class sizes allowed for more of an individualized education that benefited me greatly in my postsecondary career. I became very close with my classmates, which helped me develop social skills both inside and outside of the classroom. I still refer back to my experience at Trail while I’m teaching, and I use strategies that my teachers used to help my students. I knew that I wanted to teach in a small school district because it’s more than just a school, it’s a community.