5th Grade Pride Time

Just Words

  • Just Words supports struggling readers – those who have not mastered the foundational skills of language structure typically learned in grades K-3 – with strategies that will allow them to independently read and spell words and build the skills necessary to access and master grade–level standards.


    Just Words addresses: 

    • Foundational and language standards that are absolutely necessary to be able to access grade-level text. 
    • Phoneme segmentation skills for up to six sounds in a syllable, with application for decoding and spelling. 
    • Study of the English sound system.
    • Syllable structure including six basic syllable types in English and syllable division patterns used for decoding. 
    • Spelling with common Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes. 
    • Processes for vocabulary study as well as the meaning of common Latin prefixes and roots. 
    • Decoding application with phrasing for meaning. 
    • Automatic reading and spelling of the first 300 most frequently used words from Dr. Edward Fry’s 1000 Instant Words as well as additional high frequency words. 




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