Dear Lackawanna Trail Community,

December has arrived and the likelihood of inclement winter weather is on the horizon.  Therefore, I would like to take an opportunity to share my tentative plans for potential school cancellations and virtual days.  Similar to last year I plan to use a few traditional snow days first, then incorporate advanced notice virtual instruction days later.  This strategy benefits our students in several ways.  It allows a few opportunities to incorporate the traditional snow days which everyone still enjoys, with virtual days that help maintain the continuity of education while keeping Sixth Grade Recognition, High School Commencement, and other end of the year student activities on schedule.

I’ll do my best to communicate both the traditional snow days and advance notice instructional days with plenty of notice using our district Facebook page, MMS Messaging, and the local media. As always, it is a good idea to have your student’s Chromebook at home each evening or be certain you have a working computer or other device at home with internet access for remote learning.

Thank you,

Matthew Rakauskas


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The Mission of The Lackawanna Trail School District, in collaboration with our community, is to establish and support a safe and enriching learning environment where all students develop to their fullest potential. Our curricular and extracurricular programs promote a culture of inclusion, diversity, open-mindedness, and mutual respect for each other’s ideas and backgrounds. Our students are empowered to develop into productive, responsible, respectful, civic-minded, critical thinking members of a global community who possess the skills to excel in a changing and interconnected world.




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