Dear Lackawanna Trail Community,


Thank you for your support of our efforts to safely educate all students throughout the pandemic. This collaborative endeavor has been successful to date, and I am confident we will continue upon this path if our team approach persists.  It is critical that we continue to apply what has worked and implement new mitigation strategies when they become available.

Recently the Centers for Disease Control released a report with additional guidelines and recommendations for schools to reopen and stay open.  A few noteworthy areas include the universal and correct wearing of face masks, physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, and offering a virtual option for those most at risk.  Trail has approached each of the aforementioned items with fidelity.  It is also stated in the report that many school districts which implemented mitigation strategies have been able to safely open for in-person instruction.  Trail has made this a priority since September, and it has indeed paid off. If you would like to read a synopsis of the CDC report, it can be accessed on my webpage. Simply hover your cursor over DISTRICT MAIN, then choose Superintendent in the drop-down menu.

Although remaining fully open with a virtual option is the cornerstone of our Health and Safety Plan, there are times we must pivot to full virtual instruction temporarily.  These include but are not limited to outbreaks of COVID-19 in one or both buildings above the acceptable Department of Health threshold, and when travel to and from school is not safe.  I appreciate your patience and flexibility during each pivot, and I realize this may not accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Communicating quick and accurate information to the Trail Community related to our mode of instructional delivery and other relevant topics is one of the goals I hope to accomplish for our redesigned webpage. We want everyone to be well informed.  The most efficient way to accomplish this is through our Facebook page located on the bottom right of our homepage.  I encourage you to follow and like us, but I ask that you do not comment.  The intent of the Facebook page is to share information and is not to be used for discussion or debate.

By late-March, the second phase of our redesigned web page will be functional.  Comprehensive, interactive, and informative teacher pages, upon completion, will offer parents and students cutting edge access to all our faculty members.   Although individual pages will allow room for creativity, consistency among teacher pages will be noticeable.  I am confident parents and students alike will enjoy and benefit from this future feature. Stronger communication equals better education.


Stay safe,

Matthew Rakauskas


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The mission of Lackawanna Trail School District, in partnership with our community, is to provide a safe and challenging learning environment where all students will develop to their fullest potential. The educational programs provided will enable students to become productive, responsible, technologically literate, contributing members of a global society who respond effectively to an ever changing world.




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